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Maseno School is a public govern­ment boys boarding high school founded in 1906 by The Church Missionary Society. The general plan of campaign by the founder, Reverend J. J. Willis was the establishment of a school for sons of Chiefs. His vision was that fu­ture leaders for Africa and the world could be trained in a Christian atmosphere. It is located on the Equator, Latitude 00 10’ 0” South, Longitude 34036’ 0” East, in Kisumu County, Lake Region ,Kenya.


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The school is sponsored by Anglican Church of Kenya, and currently has a pop­ulation of 1,503 students. Streams total to 25; Form four 5 , form three 6, form two 6 and form one 8 streams. Students are accommodated in 11 houses. Some of the buildings were put up over 100 years ago and by then were con­structed of mud and wattle walls. Efforts have been made to increase capacity for student’s accommodation and teach­ing facilities through renovation but the facilities are still inadequate for effective academic endeavors. Increase in students population has created pressure on man­agement and development of facilities for sports, catering, and recreation. Undoubt­edly, Maseno school has produced the highest number of high school graduates compared to any other single school in the country. It is at the helm of strategic service delivery inside and outside the country. For a long time, it has served its purpose to stem the tide of expectations and get its students realize that they have to provide new axis of leadership for Af­rica and the world. 

There is a reasonable pool of 41 trained teaching staff .A good number of them have registered in different institutions of higher learning for postgraduate studies. 37 non- teaching staff have relevant pro­fessional qualifications to discharge their duties as demanded by the competitive environment.

The school has a large number of Alum­ni who provide substantive pool for set­ting up a strong network.

Many of them are found in different pro­fessions all over the country and beyond.

Maseno school is a center for leader­ship. The school motto, ‘PERSEVERANCE SHALL WIN THROUGH’ has made both students and teachers think way ahead of the rest and excellent results are inevi­table.

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