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Principal’s Message

Principal’s Message

Maseno School  is a pioneer  School and  has over 100 years of existence, and it is doubtless that we ought to pay tribute to the Rt. Rev. J.J. Willis and the Great chief Ogolla Ayieke, the co-founders of the institution in 1906, whose dreams came true. Having lived long, Maseno School has made this world richer. Think of the large number of scholars, professionals, patriots, the clergy, leaders and many others .

Indeed no formal school has had such a chance in Kenya. Maseno School was established in 1906 and served for a long time until other National schools were established in 1924 and 1926 respectively. It is indeed Kenya’s first-born school.

Maseno School has a very strong tradition - own tag, colour and flavour. Maseno products are unique in many virtuous ways. They tend to go an extra mile in everything they do. The school stands out from the crowd and has positively influenced many schools in the country, with teachers who are dedicated, proud and enthusiastic; virtues that are rarely seen in many schools.

A good school is a great treasure in any country. Maseno School is worth the effort it takes to become the good school God intended it to be. The school has made a major difference to Kenyans and therefore a true pathway to success. The quality of education is commensurate with that of the school.

My appeal is; put manure at the base of a tree and not at the top. We could really make the world better if we took interest in Maseno. The success of a Maseno product is seen through their intellect, leadership, character, sociability, skills, innovativeness and tastes. They are never finished with learning. Besides covering the conventional curriculum, Teachers intend to turn the school into a centre for Mathematics, Aviation, Science and Information Technology among others. Teachers also stress on holistic education; all – round students. The school thrives on the following six pillars:

  • Exemplary discipline
  • Academic excellence
  • Leadership
  • Environmental conservation
  • Voluntary service
  • Outstanding performance in out of class activiti                         Administration block

Much as Maseno has shaped up many Kenyans, it is now time to shape up the school itself. The buildings and facilities that have served the school for long are now run down, worn out, dilapidated, small, unfit and some pose great danger to our students and staff. Do what you can to change what you can. The honeymoon is over. The school that was established to achieve greatness is now struggling. Yet the society keeps pressurizing the school to deliver what it wants - excellent academic results.

We should take responsibility to rejuvenate our school. We should wake up to the threat that Rt. Rev. J. J Willis and The Great chief Ogolla Ayieke never looked outside of themselves for anything. We too cannot depend on anyone else. We should stop the blame game and come up with a road map for our school. I call on all stakeholders to jealously guard the future of Maseno School against infrastructure decay and looming collapse of buildings.


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