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Message from Chairman Board of Management:

It is one of the rare honors in one life-time to serve as the chairman of the Board of Governors of the pres­tigious and the country’s oldest school, Maseno School.

Despite not being alumni of the school, the decision to elect me as the chairman of BOG was indeed a befitting challenge and fulfilling moment in my career. It is a challenge in that; we have to change the image of the school while retaining the tradition that back dates a century.

B.O.M Chairman Eng. Orege with F4s 

We have the challenge of the old build­ings that intend to renovate for the pur­pose of history and heritage but at the same time come up with new modern facilities.

We have constructed the ultra modern Paul Otula complex which accommodates 720 student-capacities and equipped with modern facilities to create enabling learn­ing environment.

Our journey to academic excellence is unstoppable and we have devised mech­anism that would ensure upward trend in performance in the national examina­tions.

This enhanced performance by the school has created a bond between the teachers, parents, board and the students that has been a cornerstone to the resur­gence of the institution.

The problem of water at the school posed a serious challenge to us but we were able to turn it into a positive chal­lenge and a motivational factor the stu­dents to excel in the academic and extra-curriculum activities.

The board was able to resolve the water problem by sinking bore-holes through the support of development partner.Similarly, we bought stand in generator to be used in case of power outage.

The board has developed a five year plan that is aimed at repositioning the institution in terms of infrastructural de­velopment.

This will be realized through the sup­port from the government, parents, old boys and development partners who are committed to transforming the institu­tion’s infrastructural facilities.

I believe the old boys are committed to playing their roles by giving back to the institution that propelled them to higher status in the country and the world.

They owe what they have presently to Maseno School that redefined their fu­ture and directed their career from high school.

We have witnessed high sense of disci­pline in the students with parents coop­erating with us to ensure the school rules are adhered to by the learners.

The school was founded on a Christian foundation and the spiritual nature of the institution has enabled the students to maintain high sense of discipline, orderli­ness and focus in their all the school ac­tivities.

Our dream is to remain the best school in the country and to be mindful of other people’s welfare and that is why several parents are sponsoring needy students at the school.

We hope in service to the community and that is why I am happy with the com­mitment, dedication and determination of the students, teachers, management, PTA and the board in realizing its overall objective”.

May God bless Maseno.

May God bless you all.

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