English Deparment




The department is made up of 10 com­mitted and hardworking teachers, in­cluding the school principal, Mr. Paul A.  Otula HSC, OGW. Exemplary performance at the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) is vital for the school’s overall mean point to remain above 10 since it is a compulsory subject. 

  celebration time

The school’s play made it to the na­tionals during the 2012 and 2014 Kenya Schools and Colleges Drama Festival. Other co-curriculum activities run by the de­partment include; internal and external English contest, talent shows, debating, public speaking, comedies, interviews, news casting among others.

A vigorous reading scheme at Forms One and Two and a culture of research have enabled our students to participate successfully in writing competitions for years. With our departmental motto - With One Accord - which is a call to team work, success is guaranteed in 2015 and beyond.