Humanities Department



    Mrs Ochogia Irene H.O.D Humanities                                       Julius Otieno H.O.D Geography

                     As I reflect back to where we started and look at what lies before us, I am encouraged by the various milestones we have passed as a department and remain optimistic that we will continue to achieve our vision and goals.

Our vision and mission statements are the foundation for our priorities, strategies and plan to continue offering the best to the Maseno community and beyond.
They will be the source of our strength and motivation to achieve excellence and produce the best History and Government and Christian Religious Education graduates in the country.

The five year plan emphasizes a modest growth and expansion of our enrollment concentrating on improved quality. More emphasis is on the improved efficiency in performance by both the teachers and students. A result oriented approach is envisioned whereby the output of our efforts to integrate the Christian faith in our teaching, learning and service would be documented and verified through a sustained monitoring and evaluation process.

Planning is a diverse process and this plan will be reviewed annually to accommodate changes in the economic and socio-political environment. These changes will be mirrored in subsequent annual plans and budgets.

At the end of the of the five year period, Humanities Department would like to continue being a Christ centered department where academic excellence is pursued alongside spiritual nourishment for both students and teachers. The aim is to produce well-rounded graduates who will make a positive difference in the society.

              The Equator divides the school into two
I wish to take this opportunity to thank the many parents, guardians who have put their sons in our trust without whom there will be no such a department.
Many thanks also go to our dedicated Chief Principal for the support and guidance he has been giving us, more importantly, to members of the department and well-wishers for standing firm with us.

The department has seven focused staff members. We take care of the following subjects; History, CRE and Geography. In 2014 KCSE, the department performed so well, CRE had a mean of 11.00,  Geography had a mean of 11.694,  and History had a mean of 11.177

Our focus is to ensure a mean of above 11 in all the three subjects and to encour­age student to embrace social sciences.

To our students let us always remember to maintain our vision for where there is no vision people perish.

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