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Science department has a team of 13 teach­ers. It is made up of Chemistry, Biology and Physics. We are also proud of Mr Okeyo T. who is the deputy principal and Physics teacher and MR. Odayo, who is the dean of studies and Physics teacher.

The department is committed to the pro­vision of quality curriculum delivery that is innovative and creative in line with the vi­sion 2030. This helps the students to excel in KCSE. In 2014, we realised 137 A plains in Biology, 61 A plains in Chemistry and 142 A in physics. Our target is to get over 150 As in 2015 and a mean above 11 and above 

  Schoool Sciences Lab Technicians

We conduct regular assessment and evalu­ation, group and classroom discussion and research work through Science and Engi­neering fair.

The department of Science consists of Physics headed by Mr. Were George, Biology under Mr. Bodo and Chemistry whose head Mr. Nyonje
The department boasts a workforce of ten hardworking, experienced and committed teachers whose efforts have seen us post very impressive grades year in year out. Of these 3 are Chemistry teachers, 4 biology and 3 physics teachers.

Mr. George Were H.O.D Physics
The department of science is by far the most popular department in the school among the students. This can be attributed to the fact that virtually all our students endeavor to take science based course in the university. For this reason science subjects are de facto compulsory in the school. In deed it has been repeatedly said “it is a shame to come to Maseno an shy away from any science subject”. With such emphasis no wonder Maseno produces more physics students than all the other schools in Nyanza combined!!!                 

The department has at its disposal five fully equipped laboratories with fully trained manpower. A practical approach is encouraged in all the subjects whenever possible. This has greatly contributed to the exemplary performance in the sciences for this we are greatly indebted to the school administration for the financial support accorded to us.

A number of programs have been put in place in order to improve performance. These include discussion groups which give the student a chance to reason out amongst themselves these is further enhanced from side to side academically clubs like the physics club.

Excursions and tours are also highly encouraged. to these end the school has incorporated in its calendar an annual trip for the form 4’s to the molasses plant among other trips. Such trips have had the effect of thoroughly rejuvenating the moral and enthusiasm of the students involved.

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