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Is a subject with endless history. Since World War II, this area has experienced growth at astronomical rates. In fact, by late 1950s there were already aircraft flying at beyond the speed of sound. It is believed that although wars fought on the ground, controlling the air makes the difference between winning and losing.

Aviation in Maseno School is a subject of sorts; it attracts students from all over the country. Introduction of this subject in the school took the dreams and vision of the pioneers of the school a notch higher. To be precise, the pioneer space ship ‘Maseno Aviation’ blasted off with a bang at the launch site 1906; taking many early entrants by surprise in last years 2005 KCSE. The results were very appealing despite meager resources.

It is a very comprehensive subject with interesting topics like aircraft propulsion, theory of flight, drawing, aircraft systems and fabrication. A new area of interest to the learner is the phonetic language and phraseology. The ‘Alfa’, ‘Bravo’ phrases for radio communication. Charlie, Delta, this is Maseno smile 100 Yankee, do you read me.

Thanks to the stakeholders including Kenya airways for providing resource to keep alive space ship ‘Maseno Aviation. ‘we are appealing to other stakeholders and well wishers that “Roger reinforcement needed .”With everybody o board , the sky is the lower limit.

Student having Hands on

in a light aircraft during

flight experience

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