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“To be among the alumni of Maseno was no mean achievement in life. This should explain the pride of Maseno Old Boys wherever they are to be found, and in whatever capacity they are serving. Dedication to duty and prompt production of results became their enviable trademark. Sinani e Lweny: kinda e Teko remained the motto and driving force. If one did not go to Maseno, then where did one go to school!”…


“Greeks were the first real educators, being the first western people to think seriously and profoundly about educating the young, the first to ask what education is, what is it for and how children and men are to be educated”…

Having chosen to anchor my reflections on Arete philosophy, I wish now to propose that the Greek Arete, which, to my mind is the prime mover in the Pedagogical sciences, is the most viable Pathway to the Future for Maseno School, that is, looking at Maseno School Beyond the Centenary celebrations. The Arete philosophy as articulated here, summarizes sets of principles that should shape the attitude of the Old, Present and students of Maseno.”…

“By looking at Greek precursors, one gets tempted to cite Plato’s Republic where he (Plato) expresses commitment to truth and knowledge, education and wisdom, courage, patriotism, temperance, endurance, freedom, soberness, industriousness, happiness for all people equally, social, harmony and unity, and usefulness as key values. From Plato 1 would love to stress on usefulness. This is because in my own self-evaluation tendency, I often ask myself: AM I USEFUL? -that is-AM I FULL OF USE! Being a Christian myself, I would like to echo the Paradise Myth of Judeo-Christian theology, which I consider intriguing because it paves way for many more utopian writings. To want to join and be with Jesus in Paradise is a utopian ideal. It is a building of castles in the air. The next stage of my life or my place of abode must be better than the present one”....

2006-2007 House Captains

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