Mr.Dennis Ayieko Games Master

In line with this year’s motto ‘matching on to excellence’, it is time to say that games and sports have set the
tempo for the rest of the school. We have had a good year in games and sports.

There is no other school in Kenya which was omnipresent at national championships like Maseno School. We had super
teams which demolished our opponents with astonishing ease to emerge provincial champions in basketball, hockey,
swimming, volleyball and rugby (7s and 15s).

                                                                   Maseno school delegation in Rwanda 2015
Our ferocious and skillful rugby sevens team won the national schools sevens trophy after having a fine unbeaten
run. The team is now enthusiastically preparing to represent other Kenyan schools in this year’s Dubai Sevens which is a curtain raiser for the 2006/2007 IRB sevens series. This tournament will provide us with a platform for newer
and greater grounds to conquer. There are no secrets behind our good results. All we did was to plan very well,
work very hard and implement our strategies to detail. We took our training sessions seriously, training
persistently and consistently. Our players had self drive, believed in themselves and were well disciplined. Above
all, we prayed and God blessed us for our hard work.


Coach PF in action
I can say with authority that talent is an ingredient that we have in abundance in Maseno School. We have unearthed
plenty of talents through our interclass championships to the extent that we do need extra playing fields. In
basketball we need at least two other courts an if possible, an indoor one. Rugby and hockey requires at least an
extra field each. A swimming pool and a well equipped gym are facilities which a school of our caliber must have.
We also need extra facilities for table tennis and badminton.I want to thank the administration for their continued support, the coaches for a job well done and all the players
for their contribution. My parting shot is to the incoming teams, let our achievements this year inspire us to
perform even better next year.

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