The Lord Doing New Things at Maseno School


Isaiah 48:6-8

“For this time forth I make you hear new things, hidden things you have not known”. Isaiah 48:6 (b)

The context of Isaiah’s prophesy here is that God is saying and doing a new thing for his people.

  • He will cause the defeat of the Babylonians holding the Israelites captives.
  • He will raise King Cyrus of Persia to defeat the Babylonians and the exiled Israelites will be released immediately.
  • The prophet Isaiah feels that his hearers are not sufficiently roused from pagan worldliness to bear or to understand Gods’ present mighty works.
  • Yet God is doing a new thing that is supposed to wake his people to wholehearted confidence and action.


There is a sense in which God is doing new things through parents, students (past and present), teachers the Board of Management and the school administration at Maseno School.

  • It is possible that captives of complacency, pagan worldliness, laziness and procrastination may not see, hear or act upon what God is saying.
  • The project for the new administration building, commitment to achieve academic excellence, level of spiritual growth, involvement in sports and games including cricket and squash, the levels of preparedness, entertainment and fun all attest that God is doing new great things amongst us at Maseno School.
  • May we continually draw from the cross of Jesus Christ His cleansing power to witness the hidden things God does amongst us.



JULY 1ST 2016


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