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Maseno school is located 25Km from Kisumu. Set a few meters from the busy Kisumu-Busia road and on the floor of a forested hilly landscape, the school enjoys the scenic views of the Mabungo hills whose natural beauty is further augmented by trees planted by students over the years. Close to the school is the Maseno University, Maseno Mission Hospital which serves the district community consisting of locals living around the place and University students. Interaction between the university students and Maseno school student is commonplace and fostered by the close proximity between the school and the University. Maseno School Sits on the equator and has its portion on both the southern Hemisphere and the Northern Hemisphere.

Maseno School is a National School and its status charges it with the responsibility of nurturing the greatest minds in the country. It therefore admits some the top students in the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education Examinations from every region the country, giving it a student body of intellectuals with a wide and diverse array of cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds. This not only makes the best out of the best but also serves to cultivate a sense of national unity among the student extending far beyond the confines of the school through the students’ parents and teachers.


Founded in 1906 by missionaries, Maseno School is the oldest school in Kenya with a student body of about One Thousand Two hundred students. All students admitted to the school are hosted in one of the ten hostels present in the school for each of the three yearly academic terms spanning about three months each beginning in January. The students have a month long holiday after each term.

The school was initially a five streamed school but has a new stream introduced. This was as a result of the growing demand for admission. The form ones and twos therefore have six streams while the form threes and fours have five streams each. Each stream has about fifty students.

Maseno School offers O’ Level education. The subjects taught are: Mathematics, English Language, Kiswahili Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, History, Christian Religious Education, Aviation Technology, Agriculture, Power Mechanics, Electricity, French Language, Business Studies and Computer Studies.

The syllabus is set up by the ministry of education and is stipulated to be completed in four years. The school, having the best brains in the country, completes the four year course in three years, giving the students a whole year of revision and content perfection before the final national O’ Level exams.

Subjects are taught in lessons of least forty minutes s each. Each class has nine such lessons a day from Monday to Friday. There are three breaks between the lessons. One after the fourth lesson (Tea Break), one after the sixth lesson (Lunch Break) and another after the ninth lesson (Games time.)

The school then breaks for a compulsory games time where all the students participate in one activity. Games time run from 4PM to 6 PM when the students freshen up, have Supper and then settle in class once again by 7pm for personal study for two and a half hours before going to bed. A further two hour personal study begins at 5am attended by all students.

Promotion to the next class is based on the School’s Three C’s Policy: Character, Conduct and Class work. The academic performance is determined by students’ average scores in three sets of examinations done each month in all of the three yearly terms.

KCSE National Exams

An average of Two hundred and fifty students sits for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Examinations yearly in Maseno School. The school has consistently produced some of the best students in the Nation. The school boasts of producing the best students in different subjects category and has consistently led in the province. The school is also consistently in the Top Ten National Ranking of Schools.

Universities and Colleges

98% of the graduating class from Maseno School proceeds to universities and colleges all over the world. These include all the universities in Kenya and several international institutions of higher learning.

Out of Class Activities

a)       Maths Contest

Maseno School hosts several schools in the annual Maseno National Mathematics Contest Competitions and takes part in various contests hosted by other schools.

·         This year in March, the school took part in the annual Moi High School Kabarak Maths Contest where the school was placed second with one of our students emerging the best in the Maths Olympiad therefore qualifying to participate in International Maths contest in Tunisia.

·         In June, Maseno School hosted the annual Maseno National Maths Contest emerging first among all the schools that took part.

·         In July, the school participated in the Mangu Maths Contest, where it took the third place. In the same month, the school competed in the ITEN Maths Contest and took the first place.


b)       Scouts

The Kenya Scouts Bermuda Patrol, (The Schools Scouts Club) always participates in National Scouts Inter-Patrol Competition. They are the perennial winners in Nyanza Province and has always represented the Province at the National Levels.

c)         St. John Ambulance

The St. John’s Ambulance Cardets of Maseno School are the National Champions in their competitions this was most recently confirmed when they again participated at the Competitions at St. Johns Headquarters in Nairobi on 1st October 2011. They once again emerged the Overall winners.

d)       Drama Festivals

Maseno School has always produced the best English and French plays in the Province, represented the Province in the National competitions. This Year, the French play was ranked second nationally with a student from the school emerging the best actor winning himself a one month trip to France.


E)        Students Congress on Science and Technology.

Our budding scientists have consistently showed their innovative Prowess by consistently participating in the National Students Congress in Science and technology. Our Presentations have always emerged some of the best. In the year 2011, the school was ranked Third Overall Best School.

g)       Games

The school policy on games stipulates that it is mandatory for each student to take part in at least one sport over his four year course in the school. The school has always been at the Provincial, National and Regional Championships. Our Rugby team is the Sevens Champions; Our Basketball Team is the Champions in the O’Level category.

The Hockey team is always top Three at the provincial levels; the Football, Volleyball, Handball, Badminton, Table tennis and Lawn Tennis are always in the Provincials and Nationals. The School is ranked 1st in Swimming at the Provincial levels, despite the fact that the school lacks a swimming pool, and contributes a large portion of the provincial team to the Nationals each year. The school also Participate in Athletics both Field and Track events.

·         Twenty five students of Rugby and Basketball benefited from UNICEF Talent Academy with part of their fees being paid at Ksh.40, 000 each. We expect a further 25 students to benefit in 2012 in the same program.

·         The Rugby team participated in Independence Cup which was held in Uganda on 8th – 9th   October and emerged position 2.

·         Six Maseno School Students were part of Nyanza Under 19 Sevens team which participated during Safaricom Sevens in November which was held in Nairobi.

·         Two members of the school’s rugby team were included in the Under 19 Kenya team to Africa Championships in Harare Zimbabwe.

·         One of our students was voted the Most Valuable Player at National Rugby Sevens which was held in April in Kakamega.

h)       Voluntary service.

The School has Voluntary Services as one of its Pillars. This has seen all Maseno School Students offer such services to the community surrounding us. We are always involved in several community services with the children homes, Hospitals Churches and Non-Governmental organizations that offer humanitarian services to the community. We are the largest blood donor community in the Nation.



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